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Marti Kropko letting emotions out after the European Games 3rd place

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Race Diaries 2023 #5: European Games

On the next episode of the On your Mark: A Triathlete's Blog: The best stroke of races in my life.

Marti Kropko arriving to Huatulco, Mexico

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Race Diaries 2023 #4: The Rays of Improvements – WC Huatulco

Rolling with a new post of the race diaries series. Now on topic: World Cup Huatulco

Me at the top of the U23 World Championship podium

Race Diaries Triathlon


Race Diaries 2023 #3: Aquathlon World Champs & African Triathlon Cup M’Diq

Continuing the Race Diaries series: Defending the World Title and reaching my first ever Elite triathlon podium.