The three pillars of Triathlon. But it’s more than these desciplines. It’s about courage, strengh, quickness,
stamina and tactics. Most of all it’s about connecting and being with people. This sport developed me as a
person and gave me so much. Triathlon changed my life.

Hi! My name is Marti Kropko and I am a Hungarian Triathlete. Thanks for visiting my website. Hopefully when you leave, you will know more about me, compared to when you arrived.

I started triathlon at the age of 6. Nothing has changed since then. The triathlon world and community of this sport caught me. There is a special feeling when you reach the finish line, no matter the position. All the hard work pays off and you can’t wait the next race. This is what drives me to reach my goals. The biggest of them is to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. That’s what I am chasing day n’ night. This is why I train hard, this is why I wake up at 5 am everyday.

Of course sport isn’t everything. There is life beyond sports. This is the reason why education is high priority for me just as Triathlon. I speak English and German fluently, currently I'm learning Spanish.I am a Ba. Marketing & Economics student in Budapest with excellent results. I do my trainings before, between and after classes. When I retire from triathlon, I want to stay close to the sport and start my second career as a Marketing & Economy professional.

If we put triathlon and school aside, I am a huge NBA and F1 fan, I love cheering for my favorites. Also I love to be in the nature with my friends and family and just get lost. Hiking, bike tours, skiing. There is no better thing to do in your free time than to be with the ones you love and experience together.

Marti Kropko


I am proud to represent these companies / foundations. Without them I couldn’t do what I do. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful people behind the logos.