Let me introduce you my siblings who -after our parents- also chose this sport and do it at a high level. I have a very close relationship with them. My oldest brother Marton is, among other things, a World Champion and we do practically everything together, we train together, we travel together to competitions, training camps and, best of all, sometimes we compete in the same relay. My 2 younger siblings, Jazmin and Abel are twins, who also do sports at a high level according to their age group, they are both multiple National Champions. I am already proud of them, but one day many of us may be proud of them.

Marton Kropko


World champion, Olympic Program member triathlete. He swims exceptionally well, he always reaches the first group, even among elites. Which is a fundamental condition for achieving a good results. He is an extremely goal-oriented, hard-working athlete.

Main results (as a Youth):

U23 Triathlon Mixed Relay 4.
Aquathlon Elite World Champs 3.
Aquathlon Junior World Champion
Triathlon and Duathlon Athlete of the Year 2022 (Youth)
Aquathlon Junior European Champion
Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon National Champion
Multiple European Cup podium finisher

Marton Kropko


Jazmin is extremely diligent and maximalist both in sports and school. Multiple National Champion in several sports and studies, she has already received several awards, speaks excellent German and English. Out of the 3 sports, she swims and runs exceptionally well.

Main results:

TriAustria Series multiple times Winner
Athletics Field running National Champion
5x Aquathlon National Champion
3x Pentathlon Swim & Run National Champion

ABEL Kropko


He is a top athlete and a good student. He was also a National Champion and a podium finisher. He speaks German and English well. He always lifts the mood in the family.

Main results:

Aquathlon National Champion
Aquathlon National Championship 2.
Multiple top 6 places in Triathlon, Athletics
Multiple top 6 Ranked in the TriAustria Series